Spiritual Midwifery, forthcoming from Red Bird Chapbooks in 2018

The Towns, forthcoming in Spring 2018 from Unicorn Press

ABCs of Women's Work (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2015)
$12 at Red Bird Chapbooks website

Interior Sculpture: Poems in the Voice of Camille Claudel (Dancing Girl Press, 2014)
$7 + shipping at Dancing Girl
$5 from me at readings/events

$5, paper, chapbook + shipping
Or contact me at kkirkpoet[at]

Living on the Earth (Finishing Line Press, 2010)
New Women’s Voices Series #74
$14, paper, chapbook

Broken Sonnets (Finishing Line Press, 2009)
$12, paper, chapbook

Selected Roles (Moon Journal Press, 2006)
$5, paper, chapbook + $1 shipping
Contact me at kkirkpoet[at]

Poem, Revised

Poetry East: Origins (Spring 2013, #79) & Poetry East: Great Poems (Spring 2012, #74-75)