Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pops for Champagne

Today I encountered a coincidence, so, of course, it is a Random Coinciday in the blog. And also Slattern Day, as I don't intend to do (any more) work. Earlier this morning, I was posting a set of 3 related Music for Music columns at Escape Into Life for our new(ish) columnist, Dan Ursini (also a musician and playwright). This involved embedding YouTube videos and finding cool images.

Here are the 3 posts:

Music for Music: Joe Policastro Trio 
Music for Music: Joe Policastro Trio, Part 2
Music for Music: Joe Policastro Trio, Part 3

Yes, a trio of posts about a trio! But that's not the coincidence! The coincidence is that Pops for Champagne, a champagne bar, popped into my mind, maybe because it is almost New Year's Eve, which involved champagne, and when I dropped into their website, I discovered that their live jazz house band is The Joe Policastro Trio! Who gnu? (Plenty of people knew, just not me. Nor did I know that Pops for Champagne had moved to State Street. I thought my brain had melted when I saw that address on the website, but another website told me the place had moved. Thank you, Internet, for providing information and not melting my brain. But wait, the Internet can melt one's brain...Stop talking now....) Anyhoo, Happy New Year!!

Sunday, December 24, 2017

White Christmas

Remember this scene from the film White Christmas? They're on their way to Vermont on the train and sing a song about snow, which is exactly what's not happening this year in Vermont? Then there's the mini-miracle of actual snow on Christmas? We're having actual snow on Christmas Eve, and it looks like it will stick, so "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"

My kids are here, safe and sound, my sister and her husband are on the way, from Nashville, where they saw their son and daughter-in-law in The Nutcracker. My niece will be on her way via train (perhaps singing "Snow," or at least looking at it out the window), and we look forward to a warm and wonderful time together, talking, playing games, eating yummy treats. I wish a great time to all of you, too.

While I wait for the gathering, I am 1) remembering Baklava for Breakfast, which could happen again, given the arrival of Mid-East Pastry this week (thank you, Basel!) and 2) tallying up the year:

I read 80 books, all noted in my yellow book journal that looks like the socks in Baklava for Breakfast. These included novels, books of poetry, short story and essay collections, and nonfiction.

Far behind in the 100 Rejections project, I sent out 26 submissions, had 8 acceptances or publications so far, 15 rejections, and 3 2017 submissions pending. (I think there are some pending from previous years, too, but I did not open all the folders....) I don't mind the rejections, as there are many reasons for that, but I do mind never hearing a response from some contests and journals. Sigh...  But that's a small peeve. And I prefer joy! 26 is far from 100 submissions, so I am vaguely peeved with me. Likewise, I forgive myself and go for the glee of the season instead. And I have 2 chapbooks coming out in 2018, so that'll be a lot of poems at once!

In the meantime, enjoy "Snow" from White Christmas on YouTube!