Monday, June 6, 2011

Early Bird Lap Swim

Early Bird Lap Swim started today at the pool, and I was there!

This is my summer exercise, and, yes, this will affect my morning blog post. In the hour and a half I sometimes spend writing, posting, and reading other blogs in the morning, I will be swimming back and forth in chlorinated water in all kinds of weather, as long as there is no lightning.

Here I am now, at 8:30 a.m., with chlorine washed out of my hair, thanks to a special shampoo obtained just in time. I am happy to say my swimsuit from last year still fits and has not disintegrated. Regular lap swimming and current trends in fabric and readymade attire do lead to early disintegration, alas.

Oh, for the days of quality (and true American) craftsmanship (or womanship) and pride in such!  I do think we could make quality stuff here and have plenty of American jobs, blah, blah, blah. The problem is not government spending on social programs; it is corporate greed. But that's another soapbox.

While I'm on it, that soapbox, with my megaphone, I'd suggest a "business model," as they say, of cooperation and collaboration, where competition is in there, too, but is based on quality of product, efficiency of production, happy, loyal workers earning a living wage, and other quite manageable things, not payoffs, lobbies, and rigging the system for one's own advantage.

I advocate quality, hard work, cooperation, collaboration, and healthy, ethical competition in all areas of life, the arts included, not just business.

But, hey, I'm someone who is happy to swim to one end of the pool and back. I don't need to own the pool.

And happy to work to earn the money to pay the parks department to update my pool pass.

Public pool. Not private pool in gated community.

Oops, a lather. Somebody spilled soap. (It was me.)


Hannah Stephenson said...

I'm totally with you on collaboration and cooperation---not a "mine mine mine" so much as a "here, have some of mine" thing.

Susan said...

We swam early (for us) this morning 6:30am at the gym -- drove by the pool on our way home about 7:40 and looked for you swimming but the pool looked empty. What time did you swim?

Lovely morning for it. If I am too lazy to go to the gym some morning maybe I'll join you. Yeah I know, I always say that, it never happens.

Kathleen said...

I was there when it opened at 6:30 but out by then. Dave was still there when I left, and two women and a couple. I bet the next shift was about to arrive!

Nancy Devine said...

ah...summer is here, isn't it?

Kathleen said...

Yes, Nancy...and now 85 at 10 p.m.! Thank goodness there's a cool pool waiting for me when I wake up!

Gemma Wilson said...

Ah Summer Summer - About time....