Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Plan Your Epitaph Day

My friend Susan, still 50 at her own blog, tells me it's Plan Your Epitaph Day. It's one of those bizarre holidays my friend Kim Kimmel also celebrates regularly in her hummus-based blog, where it was still Frankenstein Friday the last time I checked. The zany holidays tend to 1) be apocryphal and 2) move around, and Susan found one place that said Plan Your Epitaph Day is April 6 (so did I), and another place told me it was on November 1, leaving November 2 available for National Deviled Egg Day, but, here at Zany Holidays, and here on the Hump of the Week we can celebrate Plan Your Epitaph Day.

You can carve your own epitaph here, on this tombstone generator, but you won't be able to use an apostrophe (see above).

Of course, as a writer, I plan to be immortal know...I still might go unsung, or have a bad accident first.

On the other hand, Anonymous is already pretty famous, and even has a feature film out there now!

Still, I'd rather be Shakespeare.

Anyhoo, have fun generating your own epitaph, and be careful out there. (Did I forget anything?)

1 comment:

Maureen said...

I'll have to think some more about writing my epitaph on my birthday.