Monday, September 10, 2012

Group Hug

It's a stunning fall day, and I am going back out in it. Students are back in school, with everything "back to Normal," as we say around here. Here's a short piece on the teacher who subdued the shooter at our local high school, who suggested a group hug today as his class resumed.

Meanwhile, the latest is that there were two more guns in the shooter's backpack, so it could have been quite bad. But it wasn't.

Good reflection in church on this yesterday: Open Your Ears. And today is World Suicide Prevention Day, so open your eyes, too. And your ears again, over at The Bloggess, for a music video.

Hang in there, everybody.

(Thank you, Mo Conlon, for the art, from Escape Into Life.)


Collagemama said...

So glad things are getting back in/to Normal

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Nancy!

seana graham said...

I love the picture.

Natalie DeYoung said...

Gorgeous painting! Thanks for sharing. :)

Cathy said...

Sort of shocking how Normal these gun incidents are getting to be. I'm glad things turned out all right.

Kathleen said...

Exactly, Cathy. And thanks.