Friday, November 2, 2012

Medusa Head Squid

Here's an adorable, scary-looking squid that reminds me of a starfish, Medusa, and a character who is a mouth-piece for the author. All in one!

It's a Random Coinciday here in my house and here in the blog. What I should be doing:

--cleaning up
--flossing my teeth
--folding the laundry
--more cleaning up

I went without my wedding ring for most of October. I was playing Georgina Trotter, an unmarried woman, in two events and put my ring in my jewelry box for safekeeping. My finger felt naked at times; at other times, like after the second event, when it had all gone on too long, I forgot all about it. Until I listened to the song, "Dance Me to the End of Love," by Leonard Cohen but, this time, sung by Madeleine Peyroux on the Careless Love CD.  "Touch me with your naked hand, touch me with your glove / Dance me to the end of love..."

My finger is clothed again, my heart not stone.


Paige said...

I cannot stop laughing at that picture.

Jayne said...

Eek- that squid definitely looks like it could turn you to stone! I always feel undressed when I leave the house w/out my wedding band. It doesn't happen often, but when it does I never feel like myself. :/

Kathleen said...

Paige and Jayne, you've exactly captured my mixed reaction to the squid!! I shiver with laughter!

Kim said...

Wearing a wedding band is the thing I most miss about being married.