Thursday, April 3, 2014

Early Thunder

I went to bed with a thunderstorm and woke up with one, too! April showers have arrived in time for Thor's Day in the blog. It's also a Poetry Someday, thanks to National Poetry Month and Donna Vorreyer's wonderful poetry feature at Escape Into Life, poems in response to the letters of poets Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell, published in Words in Air, which also inspired a Sarah Ruhl play I'd like to direct someday, Dear Elizabeth.

Donna's first poem, "You Arrive Carrying Apples," begins:

Today, in a terrible rainstorm, you arrive,
one great might-have-been, to sweep me out
of my wind-blown cottage...

I love how the art by Lizzie Gill suggests a wind-blown woman, risen from her couch, green book in her lap, to run outside to the inexplicably mirrored wagons just arrived.

It's April 3, and I do have 3 poems written in the poem-a-day challenge! (One might be a keeper.) And I've had 13 acceptances since the start of the year, a baker's dozen. (Mmmm, donuts.)

In other poetry news, there's a review by Sally Deskins, of Interior Sculpture, in the new issue of Stirring, guest edited by Margaret Bashaar. Stirring always has surprising things in it--well, stirring things! This and the Seana Graham review are great in giving background on Camille Claudel and in accepting the persona's voice and in pointing out the agonizing constraints of a woman artist in her time. It's always amazing to me what stands out for readers, and I am grateful and honored each time I hear what...stirs people!


djvorreyer said...

Thank you, as always, for your support and the gift of your own wonderful poems.

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Donna!

Collagemama said...

You might be interested in the new novel about Mary Cassatt by Robin Oliveira, "I Always Loved You" (Degas).

Waiting for a thunderstorm here.

Cathy said...

We have no thunderstorms yet, only lots of wind! I wish you many more keepers, before the month is out. So far, I'm devouring your prompts with relish!

Kathleen said...

Mmmm, relish.

I have Homer Simpson stuck in my head.

I can see him eating a donut with relish. Yes, pickle relish!

Collagemama, thanks for the book recommendation!

SarahJane said...

Enjoyed the feature.
Congrats on your poem acceptances!

Emily said...

I've also been getting thunderstorms.

seana graham said...

Thanks for the mention, but it is really Sally Deskin's review that I hope everyone will read. The good thing about taking the time to review is that it makes you more attentive to what other reviewers have to say--often better.

Keep going with the poem-a-thon.