Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Busy Corner

Yes, I am meeting myself on the corner of Busy and Busy these days! But I finally got to visit the Busy Corner diner in Goodfield, Illinois this week, coming home from the 7th grade state volleyball tournament in East Peoria. And I got to have pie!

Door County Cherry cream pie! As you can see, I am still thinking about it.

While I was busy, a new issue of Blue Fifth Review appeared, and I've got a poem in it, based on Joseph Cornell, particularly a work of his sometimes known as "Sure Cure for that Tired Feeling."


Pie is a sure cure for that tired feeling.

And here are some White Genoa Figs on a Plate, by Jonathan Koch. That could do, too!


Carol Berg said...

Beautiful poem! And congratulations on the chapbook coming out from Red Bird!! I love them!!

Kathleen said...

Thank you so much! Yes, I am excited about Red Bird! (And I live in a red bird state.)

Collagemama said...

And wasn't "Utopia Parkway" an interesting biography?

Kathleen said...

Yes! I loved it. Learned a lot, even more than I ever wanted to know about Joseph Cornell...and yet!--I loved it, the way he loved sweets.