Friday, May 22, 2015


What a delight to have been featured this week in The Wardrobe's Best Dressed series in The Sundress Blog. (And probably my favorite kind of dress is a sundress, from childhood on! And one of my recent calendars came from Sundress Publications; it featured the men of Sundress--in sundresses!) The current series curator is Donna Vorreyer, a poet I admire, so I am doubly/triply/quadruply honored!

The Wardrobe contains poems from my recent chapbook, Interior Sculpture: poems in the voice of Camille Claudel (Dancing Girl Press, 2014), which arose from a collaboration with Columbus Dance Theatre on the production of Claudel, about the life and work of Camille Claudel, a sculptor, whose work lives in the Rodin Museum in Paris. We hope that someday Claudel will be performed in Paris, too!

You can find the poems here:

"After Rodin"

"Broken Figure"

"Red Umbrella"

"The Photograph by Carjat"


And the book here! Many thanks to Sundress and Donna Vorreyer for featuring the poems and the book!


seana graham said...

Very cool. Those poems just keep on making their way out there, don't they?

Kass said...

I jumped here from Sarah Jane's blog and was delighted to read some of your poems.

I especially resonated with "Red Umbrella"

Kathleen said...

Thanks so much, Kass! And thanks, Seana!