Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Beginner's Goodbye

Since I last posted here, I have read two more books and Marco Rubio has said goodbye. The temperature went up to 74 and down to 47. I took a long, peaceful walk in the sunshine on the local hiking trail but in the middle of it had to listen to a local crazy guy's, um, "trail rage"? Random angry comments and curses. The books I read were quite different but had something important in common, saying goodbye. One was tender, one was hilarious and Swedish.

Mother Teresa is going to be a saint! (I am not.) (And neither is the crazy guy on the trail, I bet.) Meanwhile, as I recently told my son, "the world is going to hell in a handbasket," a curmudgeonly phrase I never thought I'd use, but Donald Trump keeps winning primaries. The man called Ove is a lovable curmudgeon. I can aspire to that, if not sainthood. And tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day. The Chicago River is already bright green. I don't have any beer in the house. Or corned beef, or cabbage. But I do have some shamrocks.

Now I am reading Roger Angell, in bits and pieces gathered up from The New Yorker.  I read them while I sip coffee and eat bits and pieces of breakfast.

Today, I can offer you some Lucky Charms, over at Escape Into Life--bits and pieces of wisdom, beauty, magic, wonder, and color. Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow!

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