Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Such a busy month! But so far, I do have 27 new poems! They await re-reading and revision, and I have more to write before the month is out. In the meantime, here are two poetry posts involving collaboration:

1) The new poetry feature at Escape Into Life: Lissa Kiernan and Maureen Alsop, with art by Sara K. Byrne.

2) A lovely blog post by Maureen E. Doallas in Writing Without Paper, with poetry, art, and video by Lucien Stryk and Suzanne Stryk.

Plus, random Sibling Revelry by the Callaway sisters!


seana graham said...

Congratulations on your poetry effort this month, and good to be reminded again of Sibling Rivalry.

seana graham said...

I meant "Revelry"

John Guzlowski said...

I remember Lucien. Thanks for posting