Saturday, July 9, 2016

Accidental Tomato

Evidently, I (or a squirrel) planted a tomato in the pot with the cilantro. It is quite tall now, smells like a tomato plant, and has new yellow blossoms. My hope is for fruit. I thought I had planted a few flowers in there to share the pot, but I am happy to see (and smell) this tomato.

Woe continues in our country (and all over the world). The weeping woman has become my continuing Facebook profile picture. I found this in the book I read over the past two days, My Name is Lucy Barton, by Elizabeth Strout, and I think it is good to keep in mind to keep us in check:

I have said it before: It interests me how we find ways to feel superior to another person, another group of people. It happens everywhere, and all the time. Whatever we call it, I think it's the lowest part of who we are, this need to find someone else to put down.

I think Elizabeth Strout is right here; her narrator, Lucy Barton, is right. It is "the lowest part of who we are," and I am ashamed of any time I was this low or acted this way and ashamed on behalf of those who don't yet realize they are acting this way, and may never realize it. I have to keep my shame and throw off theirs, replacing it with compassion, if I can.

Last night, we watched Zootopia, borrowed from the library. Little did we know how pertinent it would be. Hang on, little tomato.


seana graham said...

One of the more famous contemporary Buddhists, but I forget which one, expressed it as "One up, one down" or something like that. As in you're up, I'm down, I'm up, you're down. It's something about the way we're made, but the point is, it's not the only thing about how we're made. We can be happy about other people's good fortune, and I think one of the ways we learn it is through our joy about the accomplishments of children. Not even our own children.

It's a funny thing, but I started reading this blog post a little automatically, as something in my blog roll. I hadn't even paid that much attention, but after a few lines, I knew it was yours. Isn't interesting how one's personal style comes through?

Kathleen said...

All of this is good to know. Thank you.

Collagemama said...

Too tired to concentrate, but I did take in Companion Planting Volunteer, and that's scrolling in my weary brain like Be Here Now.