Sunday, December 11, 2022


Speaking of Human Rights Day (yesterday), today I learned about Dressember, an organization working against human trafficking. One of the ways to raise awareness is to wear a dress (or a tie) every day for the 31 days of December. I was glad I was wearing a dress--actually, a skirt & top--when I heard about it. I see from their website that they are celebrating their 10-year anniversary, so it took me a while to hear about it. My bad. Going forward, I will try to arrange my (tidied up) wardrobe so I can wear more dresses in December! I hadn't planned to pack any dresses for a hiking/yoga trip we are taking, so I am glad about the tie option, and will have to get creative re: ties. It has also been delightful to find photos of men being Dressember advocates in dresses! But the blurry photo I share here is one of my favorite diaries, with a dress on it!

I do feel a little blurry these days, despite my new glasses (trifocals) and updated prescription. There were days of dense fog here, and then rain, and then After Rain, that melancholy book of short stories by William Trevor, also mentioned yesterday, and then I stared and stared at poems I've been writing, wondering 1) how to revise and/or 2) where to submit. Often there was a foggy feeling of, "I wrote that?" or "When did I write that?" but it was easy to track down, as I had included dates and prompts, etc. I began to feel great empathy, in ways I hadn't before, for people who don't send out their work, or dawdle at it. I am foggily dawdling at it this Dressember. Now I will go stare at my closet.

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