Thursday, June 25, 2009

Deep red-orange daylilies

Deep red-orange daylilies suddenly appeared in my garden, below the tall spotted orange ones. Over in the daisy area, orange instead of yellow daisies opened, too. Is this a response to the heat, the recent rain? I love the wonders of nature, slight variations, etc. I see why Loren Eiseley and Charles Darwin and other naturalists and scientists get excited by all the little changes!

It also feels, in a purely coincidental way, like a quiet little commemmoration of the deaths of Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett, themselves suddenly joined by coincidence. They were part of my childhood; their deaths bring change of a non-garden variety very close.

Tomorrow I will walk in the heat to the local university campus to teach a little poetry workshop to a group of writing fellows, with the Illinois State Writing Project. Then over to the bookstore to work a bit, if there's something appropriate to do, then lunch with a co-worker and former co-worker. Later, there's a visitation for a friend's mother. Then a "date" with my husband at an art opening. Busy day indeed.

But each morning starts these days with lap swimming at the local outdoor pool. I love being in the water.

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