Thursday, August 5, 2010

Take Your Niece to Work Day

Day 178 of the "what are you reading, and why?" project, and my niece Maggie has plenty of books to read through the end of the summer and on into the school year. It was Take Your Niece to Work Day at Babbitt's, an impromptu holiday, as Maggie wanted to shadow me, her goofy-writer-aunt-who-works-in-a-bookshop, and also look for books about Iranian women's experience.

"This is Sarah," I told Maggie. "She just graduated from college and is living her dream of working in a bookstore!" This is also Maggie's dream, so it was a wonderful day. Sarah also immediately directed Maggie to the Women's Studies section, where she found:


On her own, browsing, she found:

Florida by Christine Schutt, a novel, and Noise in the Trees: Poems & A Memoir, by William Heyen.

The day before, she'd found Villette, by Charlotte Bronte, at About Books, the used bookstore in a neighboring town. And waiting at home is Reading Lolita in Tehran: A Memoir in Books, by Azar Nafisi, which really is about women's experience in Iran.

So now Maggie has plenty of women's and men's experiences at hand in memoir, fiction, and poetry, and also knows how to describe a used book and how things are organized (or not) in a used bookstore. Plus, we had butterscotch cookies with white chocolate chunks! A good day all around.


SHS said...

I like your niece! She's a happening young lady with good taste in books. And your accompanying picture looks like her, somewhat.

Anonymous said...

As Mom to Kathy's neice I am thrilled that she had such a marvelous experience and, based on her descriptions, I'm excited to read many of the books!

Julie Kistler said...

I'm sorry I missed cookie day at Babbitt's, too.