Thursday, November 11, 2010


Day 276 of the "What are you reading, and why?" project, and I am reading Cyborgia, by Susan Slaviero, because I met her when we read together at Brothers K for RHINO Reads last November, and I just got her new book from Mayapple Press. You can find it there in new releases right now, and also on the Science Fiction page and the Women's page, as it's a kind of "cyborg feminism," as Brandi Homan says in a blurb on the back cover.

Wow! It's going to be one of those I read slowly, taking in all the rich exciting images, and learning about cyborgs and everything else. Right now I am taking in the very first poem "Postcorporeal" and all the ways it zings in my life (and recent blog posts) right now.  "Look, changeling," it begins.  "No one would suspect / the monsterskin rustling / beneath your latex fleshtones."

The super feminine fleshtones you see above are by Susan Jamison, and I send you to her feature at Escape Into Life, where I've also recently mounted (hmm) the next poetry feature, by Carolyn Sheehan Gandouin, an Australian poet I met in cyberspace.

But back to Susan Slaviero for the moment, and "Postcorporeal," which offered me today the coincidence of the phrase "Your surface etching." And the glorious line, "Naked, you are all hello, holograph."

I love it when my life is a lovely lazy river of random coincidii.

And the river runs alongside the trains in recent blog posts, providing this morning on Poetry Radio, WGLT, my own poem, "Blue Basket," which has a train in it, a station, a rolling suitcase, and a distant wailing.

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Susan said...

Oh! I hope you enjoy the book Kathleen. Thanks so much for reading :)