Friday, July 1, 2011

I'm Outside

Here comes the holiday weekend! Swimming and fun and eating and probable cupcakes! I hope you USA celebrants of the Independence Day weekend have lots of fun and safe travels.

Lately, I spend most of each day outdoors. I take books, journal, pens, paper outside and write at the picnic table on the patio until the sun takes it over, then move a chair under a tree and continue.

I get up, water flower beds, pull weeds.

Hang the wet swimsuit, dry my hair in the breeze.

Polish the dagger and white holster. (Oh, wait, that's Halle Berry.)

Go in and out the house for ongoing chores, bring the laundry basket outside to fold the clothes in the sun.

Run errands, visit the sick.

It's summer. I cannot make myself stay indoors!

This is my usual rhythm since childhood. School year, indoors. Summer, outdoors. As a grown-up, during the teaching years, this academic schedule still worked, and I am still in it...until the next rhythmic change.

So, anyway, if you don't hear from me, I'm outdoors, and I don't have a laptoppy thingey of whatever G would Grab the internet out there. (3G and 4G are powers of "Grab," right?)

Grab the day! (And, yes, it's a Fat Tuesday on a holiday Friday!)


Hannah Stephenson said...

Enjoy the weekend, Kathleen! Playing outside is always good for the soul.

Anonymous said...

You must not have the dreary rain back yet - I have been outside all week. I think it is part of that learned school rhythm that starts in childhood and never stops if you're a teacher.

Powers of grab is brilliant - I think that needs to be in a poem somewhere.

Emily said...

G=gigabytes...or Grab. Whichever. He he. ;-D

Maureen said...

Did you post that image to taunt us?

Have a marvelous 4th!

Dale said...

When you're AWOL I'll just assume you're out polishing your dagger and holster, then. Have fun!

(I tend to hole up in summer: I don't actually catch fire in direct sunlight, but close enough. But I know many people like the season.)

Kathleen said...

Yes! Tauntation and Grab. I realize now that "polishing the dagger" sounds a little suggestive. But I'm outside!

nene said...

No wonder you lQQk 'wonderfully'( is this a word, sorry a little distracted byt the waves in the ocean) in shape in that pic you posted. You do lQQk a lot like Halle, though!

4G is too many bytes for me. I've been bitten too much already by my 3G. Have a wonderful time outside Kathleen. I know you just want to get as dark as your husband or me (Latino's).

Nancy Devine said...

it is terrific to be outside. when i'm out among the leaves, i wonder how i can manage when i have to stay in so much during winter.

Collagemama said...

So maybe I'm not the only one who doesn't understand the 3G, 4G tech talk?

Cathy said...

Being outside all day sounds lovely. You've inspired me to take a book down to the beach when I get a day off. (Backyard is too buggy.)

ted tingley said...

Nice tan.

Kim said...

Halle Berry the most beautiful woman with diabetes except for 2 women you know personally. One old, one young. :) Code word *itionym* ...a stupid version of another word?