Monday, July 18, 2011

Sewn In

Cool use of needle & thread by Agustina Woodgate in this little video and article, posted by a fellow Facebooker. Makes me want to write 1) a line worthy of sewing in and/or 2) a poem short enough to be a clothing label!

Speaking of short poems, here is another cool writing thing to close out the long, hot summer! A postcard-length poem a day in August, really sending the poems on postcards! Like the old fashioned chain letter, but not 1) illegal or 2) involving money, except you need stamps and postcards!

Not so cool here in muggy central Illinois today, but so far the cloud cover is keeping it not as hot as yesterday. Good thing, as when we turned on our AC last night--usually we only use the air conditioner one week a year, the hot, muggy week, and this is it!--it did nothing. I think this happens every year the first day we try it, but the AC repairman is coming today to do whatever he does.

Meanwhile, my husband is celebrating his 60th birthday by replacing his anti-sway bar link. That's a car part.

Spool of thread, courtesy Jonathan Koch!


Ah, it's raining! That'll cool things off!


Maureen said...

I watched the Poetry Bomber video last week. On the few occasions I shop for clothes, I'd love to find a poem on the hang-tag.

I like the idea of writing a poem a day and sending it out on a postcard but am not much for getting involved doing it like chain mail.

Kathleen said...

Sigh...I know, Maureen. But this looks safe, regulated, and fun. You have to register and log in at the site.

Sandy Longhorn said...

Love this piece of art, love it!

The postcard chain sounds great, but there's no way I could do it every day, esp. since August is back to work month.

Kathleen said...

Yeah, can't say I'm going back to work that steadily just yet! Still piecemeal for me. On the other hand, or the same hand, in my case, postcard poems are really short!

Cathy said...

I did postcard poetry last year, and it was fun. I'm not planning to do it again, mostly just because I'm doing so poorly on my other writing tasks. My letter carrier found it amusing, though!

Kathleen said...

Glad to hear you did this, Cathy! And I completely forgot the effect it might have on the mail carrier!