Saturday, January 28, 2012

Into Adieu

Google this morning has the animated image of a cow lowing at a giant snowflake, and, indeed, we woke up here to more snow.

(This giant micro-snowflake is thanks to Michael/artgeek via Wikipedia.)

And sometime yesterday a loop of Shakespearean punning began to play in my head:

O, that this too too solid flesh would melt,
Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!

I've been told that "solid flesh" can be interpreted as a pun on "sullied flesh," since it can be heard as such, and Hamlet's soliloquy was heard by its audiences, not read, at that time, and because it fits his own feelings of being sullied by recent events (his mother's quick re-marriage to his uncle after his father's death in suspicious circumstances that turn out to be murder) and his own despair.

"Sullied flesh" seems an appropriate pun to pursue on Slattern Day in the blog.

Likewise, "a dew" can resonate as "adieu," since Hamlet is contemplating a farewell to the earth.

O, that this too too recent snow would melt
Thaw, and resolve itself into adieu.


Unknown said...

The winter this year here has indeed been very strange although each winter I wish it would turn into " adieu" very soon.

Do you have a list of who is reading at the Poems in Response to Paintings event next month?


Kathleen said...

Didi, this will be a reading by students in the class and a special guest (to be confirmed/announced). As the teacher of the class, I will also read a few poems of ekphrasis from a new chapbook. As things firm up, and as we get closer to the event, I'll provide more details. Each time I teach the class, I'd like the poets in it to have a public reading.

Andrea (Andee) Beltran said...

You can send some of that snow to west Texas if you'd like! Wishing you a cozy weekend.

Kathleen said...

It is a lovely snow, Andee!

Hannah Stephenson said...

The picture reminded me of Snowflake Bentley...I think all his works are in the public domain.

Just a bit of snow this morning, but it's cleared up now.

Hope you have a lovely rest o'the day...

Kathleen said...

You have a lovely rest o' the day, too, Hannah! You've made it a Random Coinciday around here, as I'm speaking with a slight Irish accent today in a rehearsal and performance as Georgina Trotter, an Ireland-born member of the Bloomington business community in the 1800s.

Ruth said...

I do not know about Slattern Day, but I did hear from my daughter about Google's attention to the anniversary of the biggest snowflake. Thanks for pointing out the word plays in the lines of the Bard, which are a lesson, once again, in listening more deeply.

We finally got more snow, something sorely lacking this winter. (I love winter.)

Kathleen said...

I love brief winters! It's true the snows we've had so far have been beautiful, Ruth, and I'm glad you got some, too.

Fear not: Slattern Day is a made up day of the week here, and just more word play. Instead of Saturn's Day, for Saturday, it is often a day of untidiness around here. Or loose fun.