Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Slick Ice

What was I saying about winter slash summer yesterday?

I'd forgotten I'd be posting this poetry feature by Susan Elbe at Escape Into Life today, containing the lines, "Even then I was for slick ice, the danger / of sharp blades..."

With fantastic photo art by Glenda Lissette!

And when, I was wondering, will it stop raining? But today was sunny, gorgeous, warm, and I did my research outside!! Because books can be carried there. Books by and about Dylan Thomas. But that's another story. That's left me a little melancholy.

And slightly uplifted:
1) I am not him.
2) I am enough like him to feel like a sensitive poet.

Yes, slightly uplifted. With red hair.


Sandy Longhorn said...

As you know, you live in the same general vicinity as much of my family, so your post title alarmed me a bit. Glad to know it is only true of Susan's fine poem and not of the actual road conditions!

Thanks, as always for curating the poetry at EIL. Fabulous, fabulous!

Carol Berg said...

Those poems and that art--as usual, a fantastic issue at EIL!!!
Why are you doing research on Dylan Thomas--scholarly or fun?

Kathleen said...

No slick ice, Sandy, just a tornado watch.

Carol, I'm serving as dramaturg for an upcoming theatre production that includes poems by and reference to Dylan Thomas.

Cathy said...

I think they should have you play Dylan Thomas, not just dramaturgify him. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Kathleen said...

Well, now:

1) I want to make dramaturgify a word. That goes viral.

2) I need to turn 39 again, get short curly hair, drink a lot, and work on my Welsh accent.