Friday, August 30, 2013

Mea Culpa

Have I mentioned my origami brain lately? There's just too much folded into it. I am behind on reading and book reviewing over at Escape Into Life, behind on new poems, and a little behind on submissions, but I got a few out in the past few days. But I did just re-read Joe Wilkins beautiful book, Notes from the Journey Westward, White Pine Press Poetry Prize, Volume 17. So it'll be next to be reviewed, and was first received, back in late 2012, as I recall. Mea culpa.

Plus, it's too darn hot. It's 95 degrees out there, people, and feels even hotter. I think I made a wise decision not to do my usual 3-mile walk today, choosing an efficient route of errands-by-car instead. So I declare a Cranky Doodle Day in the blog.

And in the larger world, alas. Alas.


Hannah Stephenson said...

My brain is merely crumpled (not nicely folded!). I hear ya.

And the heat...yuck. Bring on the fall weather!

Collagemama said...

Folded, spindled, and mutilated.

Kathleen said...

Exactly! And thanks, lovely to hear from you both!

jeronimus said...

Wishing you refreshing inner breezes of poetic inspiration (and some outer ones too, to blow away the heat).

Kathleen said...

Thank you, jeronimus! The outer breezes came, so the inner ones are not far behind!