Friday, August 23, 2013

Words on Quilts

Here's a cool thing going on tomorrow, Saturday, August 24, along with a bike race and the sweet corn festival: Words on Quilts, a poetry reading connected with the Barn Quilt Heritage Trail of McLean County, Illinois.

Events happen from 9:00-2:00 at the David Davis Mansion in Bloomington, with the Master of Ceremonies kicking things off at 10 and the poetry reading at 10:15.

As happened last year, five poets will read ten poems (two each) composed in response to barn quilt squares (based on actual cloth quilt patterns) mounted on local barns and corn cribs.  Plus, food, a barn quilt auction, barn dancing, and plenty more fun!

Here's the WGLT Poetry Radio page, with 1) an interview about the Words on Quilts event 2) a poem from the event, "What We Can See," by Irene Taylor (with music by T-Bone Burnett) and 2) a poem, "The Right Choice," by Peg Kirk, my mom, read by me.

The interview is excerpted from the new local WGLT news and ideas program, Sound Ideas.

Listen local, as I like to say (ungrammatically).

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