Thursday, September 5, 2013

Hitting the Books

OK, I'm hitting the books again, as promised. The first of the book reviews is up at Escape Into Life, on a wonderful book of poems, Notes from the Journey Westward, by Joe Wilkins. I've been admiring his work for a long while. He has a memoir, too!

I'm also on round two of my Camille Claudel* research project, so I am hitting those books. Not literally, though that may happen, thanks to 1) paint thinner smell on the patio & 2) taking my books outside, to read them on the patio. It's so beautiful out, I can't stay indoors.

*For another dance/music/theatre collaboration with Columbus Dance Theatre in Columbus, Ohio!

From the picnic table on the patio, where my books sit in a basket, ready for notetaking, I can see pink balsam and blue morning glory.

I can hear cicadas & a neighborhood roofing project.

And I can smell...paint thinner.


Maureen said...

Claudel: what a fascinating project that must be. Will there be any poems?

Kathleen said...

Yes, indeed!

Cathy said...

Time to take the books to the park!