Thursday, September 26, 2013

We've Got to Stop Meeting Like This!

Yesterday I ran into my mom at the dentist's office. That also happened last time, and perhaps the time before!

Now, yes, once you get on a dental schedule, aided by electronic calendars at the receptionist's desk and all that, it's reasonable that people might be in dental synchronicity, but this occurred even after my mom had canceled and rescheduled her exam & cleaning! So it's a Random Coinciday in the blog!

OK, here's another coincidence. I visited a gallery on our town's First Friday open studios/galleries event last month and really liked these tintypes I saw in the window and on the wall. I asked about the artist, whose name seemed vaguely familiar but whose work I'd not seen before. Then the artist walked in the door, and we were introduced, and he sort of recognized me, but we couldn't figure out where or when.

Background music: "Where or When" as sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

Then, suddenly, me: "Oh, you're Rashod!"

He was, indeed, Rashod Taylor, who'd been my high school student several years ago when I served as a replacement English teacher for someone who left on short notice. (I was a college teacher but got a temporary teaching certificate that lasted for the 90 days they needed me to teach!) He was in the yearbook class and was a fantastic yearbook photographer. Since then, he's been to Africa and New York City, he's developed his portrait photography skills, and he's gotten interested in some historical photographic techniques, making tintypes and ambrotypes, using the collodion process. You can see a couple here and more at his feature today up at Escape Into Life!

In another coincidence, my computer is in slow motion today as I try to show you these rapids by Rashod, so I am going to sign off as soon as I can. But I'd just like to mention that my mother, my daughter, and I are all getting our teeth cleaned on December 26!


seana graham said...

I saw Rashod's photos up on the website. They are pretty gorgeous, aren't they?

The women in your family are made of sterner stuff than I if you are all willing to go to the dentist on the day after Christmas. I'll probably be sleeping off some sugar high.

Maureen said...

I saw the post earlier this morning and tweeted it. Wonderful work! Love the backstory here.

Kathleen said...

Seana, my daughter doesn't know yet! Ack!

Maureen, thanks!

Collagemama said...

Very intrigued with the photographic process. Also, rinse, spit, repeat.