Monday, November 25, 2013

My Cup Runneth...

...away on little cat feet. Seriously, I'm having a real Blue Monday here today. Lovely snow flurries for a while, bitter cold, much uncertainty, a health crisis in the extended family wamily, the usual anxieties about holiday travel and holiday gathering---all inside a more general sense of, indeed, my cup running over with love. So that's good.

This Enamel Cup is one of the new works by Jonathan Koch, an artist I love from afar.

Maybe it's the after effects of reading this theatre review from our new theatre writer, Scott Klavan, over at Escape Into Life. He saw No Man's Land, by Harold Pinter, at the Cort Theater, starring Patrick Stewart (also loved from afar, oh, Captain Picard!) and Ian McKellen. I've been seeing fun pix of their NYC antics, but the review is about the play itself. As Klavan asks, "Are we poets, and so, kings? We sure hope so. Or are we supplicants and ignoramuses, knaves and slaves? Oh, how we hope not."

Maybe it's the gray sky.

Or maybe I just need some Tea and Biscuits.


seana graham said...

I saw that review there and was excited to see the new feature!

The last time I was in New York I saw a Pinter play myself, though can't remember the name of it at the moment. Anyway, I'm envious of the proximity to the theatre district.

And yes, I'm sure Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan are incorrigible when off set!

Kathleen said...

They are also doing Waiting for Godot. Maybe I am waiting for Godot, with tea and biscuits. Um, really, with red wine.

Collagemama said...

Yikes! You have sent me an evil earworm with Ed Ames singing "My Cup Runneth Over WITH LOVE". You will pay for this!

And have a great Thanksgiving.

Kathleen said...

I play that song on the piano and CRY EVERY TIME, which prevents my singing...

Happy T-Day to you, too!