Saturday, February 15, 2014

Escape Into Love

Yesterday..., I did not eat this beautiful thing. But I would have: 1) If it were in my house or 2) If I could have driven to the patisserie, Eclair de Lune, which really exists! But 1) I got dumped on 2) By snow and 3) that patisserie is in Canada.*

I wasn't driving to Canada yesterday.

I wasn't even driving down Veterans Parkway to go to the 7th grade intercity volleyball tournament, which was the romantic Valentine's Day plan! I wasn't even driving out of my unplowed neighborhood. (Plowed now! Thank you, Town of Normal!)

Instead, I posted Escape Into Love, a set of 4 love poems, at Escape Into Life. And watched Downton Abbey on video. (According to the online quiz, I am Lady Mary.) I'm in Season 3. And can actually watch Season 4 if the snow keeps up, because my parents have the whole set, thanks to donating to their local PBS station! And I posted, here in the blog, a recommended list of 14 books by women you might want to read in 2014!

Speaking of pastries, my Eclair de Lune post gets lots of hits, thanks to the patisserie, I'm sure. Or the movie Moonstruck, as Eclair de Lune is French for that. It's always fun (and a little depressing) to figure out what people are really looking for when they click on my blog. Thank you, loyal readers. I will post pictures of pastries whenever I can.

*and on Facebook, where you can "Like" it, even if you can't drive there. In the snow.


Carol Berg said...

All those desserts look delicious! Thanks for making Valentine's so sweet!

seana graham said...

That was a nice Valentine's Day compilation. I particularly liked "At Sea".

Collagemama said...