Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Still Happy

On Blue Monday in the blog, I needed to get happy, and, thanks to some sunshine and Pink Martini, I am still happy. Also, Pink Martini notwithstanding, yesterday was National Drink Wine Day, so I did not have a pink martini, nor any other kind of martini. (But Diane Keaton did, with French music in the background, in Something's Got to Give, which I watched again in order to stay happy. Once again, I adored the crying-laughing-writing montage in that fun movie.)

Anyhoo, what I meant to say was 1) you can make your own collage at the Pink Martini website and 2) I love the song "Je ne t'aime plus (I don't love you anymore)," sung by China Forbes and Philippe Katerine and written by them over several years--1997-2013. They sing in French, but the translated lyrics include such romantic lines as "And I think that you are fat / And I know that you are bald / And I think that I don't love you anymore." Don't worry, as 1) there's a context: "I am angry with you tonight / Because you told me that I belong to you" and 2) like Something's Got to Give, it's got a happy ending.

But, speaking of hair, please go read "Girls with Moustaches" and "'I Wish My Dad Had Hair'" and other poems by Yvonne Zipter, up today at Escape Into Life, with fabulous art, some of which you also see here, by Sean Mahan. Zipter's poems are sweet and funny but also elegiac, and today calls for an elegy. Our community has lost another theatre person, and a masterful singer, Phil Shaw. There is sadness in town today, and fond memories. And fading sunshine.

Here's an Origami Girl.

Now go make your own collage.

And/or arrange buttons into a beautiful flower.

And stay happy.


seana graham said...

Some of my friends went and saw Pink Martini here just a couple of weeks ago. I of course knew nothing at all about them. Anyway, they all had a great time.

Kathleen said...

They are fantastic! Next time, go with them!!

Somebody sent me a Pink Martini sticker in the mail. Who was it?!

(It wasn't you, I guess, Seana!)

Cathy said...

Thank you for the burst of happiness! I just placed a hold on Something's Gotta Give.

Kathleen said...

Always happy to share the happiness.

Also, something's gotta give...!