Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Agustín Wednesday

Although it is Ash Wednesday, that’s probably not ash but a bit of dirt on the forehead of soccer player Agustín Lucas, of Uruguay, also a poet, up today in Spanish and English in a new translation feature at Escape Into Life. I needed some outdoor sport, triumph, and a tattoo on this cold March day, on which flurries have resumed. But my white geranium has also resumed blooming, in its rusty blue watering can of an indoor pot, and my heirloom two-toned (purple & magenta) Martha Washington geranium is also about to bloom, thinking spring is surely coming. We’ll see.

Thanks to translator Jesse Lee Kercheval, in Uruguay now, as I understand it, in connection with a new anthology or Uruguayan poets, and to Jackie K. White, EIL’s new Translation Editor. (More about her next Wednesday!) 

My parents are home from balmier days in Florida, just in time for a little more of the groundhog’s predicted winter. And our local good news is that my husband’s 7th graders advanced in their regional volleyball tournament! In a gym blessedly warmer than the home gym—well, a blessing for the spectators, anyway! Maybe the girls like it cool!


seana graham said...

"resumed blooming" is a good description of this season.

Collagemama said...

My indoor orchid is about to bloom, but it doesn't have a name.