Thursday, June 26, 2014

Speaking of Swimsuits

Speaking of swimsuits, I recently learned about the Tata Top, possibly pictured below. (Delicate eyes want to know.) Heads up: this is a Random Coinciday in the blog, so things may zig, and they may zag. For instance, what you see here is Vivien Leigh in Caesar and Cleopatra. (Clearly, not wearing a Tata Top, nor a swimsuit at all. Great braids.) Since it's in black and white, this may qualify as a Throwback Thursday, but, given the #FreeTheNipple aspect of the Tata Top, it's also a Thor's Day in the blog. With a pink hammer. (I am for breastfeeding and for funding breast cancer research. There are all kinds of ways to do these things. If you are for these things, you will find your own way.) I don't know why I keep bumping into Vivien Leigh. And, in case you were wondering, my new swimsuit has not yet disintegrated! And this morning I swam in dense fog. Which means nothing in a swimming pool!

Speaking of the body, here's a beautiful riff on the beauty of the body by Paulette Beete, who is writing about her body these days in her blog. It made me look at my toes, which seemed strangely beautiful because I had painted them red to dress them up so I could wear flip flops to the theatre last night. The only bright red nail polish in the house (to match my red shirt) was called Phantom Freaks; it was blood-colored, for Halloween, but it worked just fine.

Speaking of freaky and strangely beautiful things, here is a very short film made to one of my poems, "Daughter of Midas," read by Nic Sebastian of The Poetry Storehouse. The filmmaker is Othniel Smith of Cardiff, Wales, using archival video for his darkly humorous poetry mashup. He's also a playwright and theatre and film reviewer, a man of many talents. I love the little final touch--to the glasses, by the window dresser.

Here are  some more figs by Jonathan Koch. And here is a parade of lady parts, featured at a website run by a man but written by women, named for a strange undergarment of days gone by (the bustle). And that's a Random Coinciday in the blog!


Paulette said...

I love these random coinciday posts--it's always lovely to see where they're going to end up. And thanks muchly for the shout-out. I'm getting my fingers and toes done on Monday (at 7am in the morning for some reason!). I've been wondering if it's time to go back to red, or if I'll keep my blue trend going....

Kathleen said...

Happy fingers and toes, Paulette!