Monday, June 30, 2014

Blue Horizon

I woke to a thunderstorm early this morning and thought, "No lap swimming." Really, there was a huge noise at the crack of dawn, and I learned on my way to lap swimming that a tree in the neighborhood had been sheared by lightning, strips of its bark in the street. Because, yes!--it cleared up by 7:45, and I got to the pool by 8:00, for the last half hour of Early Bird Lap Swim.

Before I could get a song in my head, "Swimmin' in the Rain," lyrics improvised to the tune of "Singin' in the Rain" but to the rhythm of the Australian crawl, I heard the blared music of the Aquacize class, "YMCA." That was fine, too.

What you see here on Blue Monday in the blog are beautiful photographs by my daughter, also on view at Ave Rio Photography, with shades of blue in them! The pink blooms are from this April, and the blue sunset is from this June, which ends tonight, probably again in thunderstorm.


Carol Berg said...

Those are fabulous photographs!!!

seana graham said...

Those are indeed beautiful photographs. Maybe you all with do a book together some day.

Collagemama said...

Very vivid. AND no swimming in lightning storms!!

Kathleen said...

Thanks, dears! Indeed, the pool is very strict about that. First sight of lightning and we are out of the pool for 15-20 minutes.