Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Drunk History

Oh, NPR, I love you. Today I heard excerpts from Drunk History in a Morning Edition story about how Francis Scott Key composed "The Star-Spangled Banner," just in time for the 4th of July! I think a noble (ignoble?) goal of any great comedic actor would be to appear on Drunk History at Comedy Central. It's basically real history, inebriated.

Please don't give alcohol to your dogs. Today's new post at Escape Into Life is a preview of the Dog Days posts to come, illustrated with this lovely Shar-pei with pearl by EJ Miley, Jr. She is clearly not drunk. She is very modest, yet elegant in her pearl collar.

Today's mail brought two new issues of literary journals, with me in them! (Pause for glee!) Crab Creek Review, with this beautiful image on a cover designed by Anu Delgertsogt. My poem in it, called "Glazed," is about a variable weather on a sweet, high-humidity day in April. Today is a sweet, high-humidity day in July. And Spoon River Poetry Review (srpr), 39.1, Summer 2014, with a winter poem of mine in it, called "Funeral Flag," with talk of rain and frost. Both poems have clouds in them, as does today in actual history. I like how my heavy precipitation poems appear in journals named for a creek and a river!


Carol Berg said...

I got the Crab Creek Review, and LOVED your glazed poem. So much beautiful language!! Great job!

seana graham said...

Maybe you should temporarily change the name of this blog to "Wait! I Have a Dog?"

Congratulations on the publications.

Kathleen said...

Thanks, dears! Carol, I'm so glad you like the poem. Seana, that's a fun idea, indeed. Might turn into a post title, if not the blog title. I secretly yearn for an Airedale.

Anonymous said...

"Wait, I have a dog!" Love this whole post and comments. You are an inspiration.