Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I'm reading a Chekhov biography, a gift from Scott Klavan after his New Plays from the Heartland visit. It hits the spot, as my favorite stage direction--(through tears)--is Chekhovian. The Moscow Art Theater is about to do The Seagull. Chekhov is coughing his lungs out.

Meanwhile, in real time, I'm enjoying my directing gig at Heartland Theatre and continuing my editing gig at Escape Into Life. Up today: the Kristin Berkey-Abbott poetry feature with art by Lara Scarr. A sort of mixed-media, textile-collage, Russian doll-cocoon-papoose thing going on there (and here). Last week, a little compare-contrast essay on the poetry of roof repair.

God, I love my job(s).

I've also begun another session as an instructor with Young at Heartland, a senior acting troupe, and a joyful and energetic bunch. And Sunday I got to meet a great bunch of young people from Israel, here in town with the Friends Forever program. Getting to know each other in the USA in ways they can't back home.

(through tears) It's good to be around all this good energy.

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Collagemama said...

Interesting art--reminds me of Charles Burchfield.