Friday, August 29, 2014

When it rains... pours down the back wall of theatre! During rehearsal. Or, earlier this season, during a performance, at which a loyal audience member simply put his rain poncho back on and kept watching the show. Yes, we had a downpour last night, a leak onstage (bucket!), and a leak backstage, in a storage area for the town, drenching a scary-looking electrical device. A guy came and rigged up a tarp. Maybe he could rig up a similar tarp over the audience before we open on September 11!

And/or maybe it won't rain between September 11 and September 28, except on the dark nights. Sigh... I'd be happy to send our rain to California! But, as we say around my house, "it'll all work out."

Up today at Escape Into Life is Scott Klavan's public talk, delivered in July to Heartland Theatre patrons and interested playwrights, as part of the Mike Dobbins Memorial New Plays from the Heartland. The art by Adrian Samson matches the inspirational aspect and the humor of Scott's speech.

Not to mention the fish! The Heartland poster, on the theme of Escape, featured a goldfish leaping from its bowl!

In Samson's Garden Fish, the fish swim like birds in the garden!

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