Thursday, February 18, 2016


Today when I began to reply to a text message from my mother, my cell phone offered me the word "Beanspiration" as what I probably wanted next. Uh, I did not. So add that to the list of things I do not understand.

Evidently "beanspiration" might be a thing, at Twitter and Pinterest, places I am often afraid to click on. Or via blogs about beans as 1) healthy or 2) exploding.

We are a (Cuban) rice & beans household, so I know a bit about exploding beans.

Beanspiration might be a contraction of "Be an inspiration." We have a poetry reading at the public library tonight--love poems & Shakespeare's sonnets. I hope it will be an inspiration not involving any exploding beans.

Beanwhile, over at Escape Into Life, there's an inspiring set of illustrations--sisterhood & cats!--by artist Manuja Waldia, who will provide the illustrations for book covers of new editions of Shakespeare's plays!

Thank you to EIL Artist Watch editor Maureen Doallas, who has permission to show the Othello cover and who tells us more about Waldia and the Shakespeare covers in her blog.

And thank you to Mr. Bean for being a true Beanspiration!


seana graham said...

I love "Beanwhile"! Have to try and work it into conversation sometime.

Collagemama said...

Beanwhile back at the wanch?