Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Today I got a rejection from a journal to which I had not submitted. That was a first. To confuse things more, the rejection came in a self-addressed stamped envelope, clearly in my own handwriting. Well, I had submitted to this journal back in the fall of 2013. A poem was accepted and then published in the fall/winter of 2014. We are now in the winter, not of our discontent, no, I am content...but we are in the winter, and it's 2016. I think what happened was that the acceptance came via email and our further conversation was also electronic and somebody just found my SASE and sent it back with a rejection slip in it. Sigh.... My life, in a nutshell!

Another first! My husband, a visual artist, and I, a poet, will have work in the same journal. The proof came, yes, electronically, today! I saw his work and mine. Mine looked fine; he'll need to converse with the editors about his titles. I'll tell you more when it's out. Looks like a great issue! Thanks to Jonathan Koch, an artist to whom I am not married, for the nutshell. Walnut, a painting I own!


seana graham said...

That was working a little too hard to send a rejection slip in my opinion.

How exciting about your joint appearance in the same magazine. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Kathleen said...

Thanks, Seana! We've appeared together before as translators, but I think the art & poetry in the same issue is a first!

Collagemama said...

Keep us posted.

And I am currently exploring Georgian cooking with walnuts. As in the former Georgia SSR.

Kathleen said...

Ooooh, cooking with walnuts!