Thursday, October 25, 2012

Cloud Study + Wind

Very windy even in central Illinois today, as Hurricane Sandy blows up a storm in the east, smacking Cuba and Jamaica on its way. The sun was shining here till noon, but now it's clouding over, with rain likely in the afternoon and snow possible next week. Wha--?!

But, for now, this peaceful Cloud Study, by Jonathan Koch.

Happy 20th Birthday to the Beyond the Books Foundation, celebrating with a gala tonight. This local organization gives grants to local teachers for innovative projects in the two area public school systems.

Happy New-Book-Out to lots of poets: Laura E. Davis, Braiding the Storm (Finishing Line Press); Carol Berg, Ophelia Unraveling (dancing girl press); and perhaps you saw yesterday's link to Sarah J. Sloat's Homebodies (Hyacinth Girl Press).

If you don't happen to be homebodies today, be sure to take your umbrellas, and hold onto your hats!


Carol said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Kathleen!

Sandy Longhorn said...

It's the first time I've shared my name with a hurricane. Weird feeling, slightly powerful and mightily sorry for hitting Jamaica and Cuba! I'd rather be a hurricane that wanders aimlessly around the sea and avoids all populated landforms and any seafaring vessels!

Still, you know I love the wind!


Hannah Stephenson said...

Ooh, new books---woo and hoo!

Loving this piece of art today. Gorgeous.

Molly said...

Last night at my workshop group we were talking about one poet's poem that used weather as a conceit. One of the other poets said something about how he considers weather to be something stable and unchanging, which it is here in the bay area. I had a real "we're not in Kansas anymore" moment there! Thanks for the winds and clouds -- my midwestern soul is lonesome for weather.