Monday, October 8, 2012

The Switch

Well, the cemetery walk is over, and was a grand success! Very cold the second weekend. We had hand warmers but not lip warmers, so I fear some of my words were frozen, but I think Georgina Trotter as a "steam engine of energy" still came through!

I did my wacky diagnostics on my computer problem, and I'm pretty sure it's the switch. On the Dell monitor. So as soon as I get that fixed (or a new monitor...?!), I'll be back!


Hannah Stephenson said...

Good luck with the computer stuff--that's no fun at all.

seana graham said...


ron hardy said...

Your Georgina was so zany and off-beat that she could have popped out of a period sitcom.(Is there such a thing?)I loved her. So how do you lose that accent after how many performances?