Friday, February 1, 2013

Have You Seen This Scarf?

It's so darn cold that I am wearing a scarf around my neck around the house. But not this one. I can't find it.  I wore it yesterday. I wore it to exercise class, to the bank and library, and to my mother's house where I got to look at all the cards she got for her 80th birthday!

Possibly my scarf was kidnapped by the crazy woman in red standing next to me with yellow eyes in this picture. (But I think she's still in Ohio, where she lives. As I recall, this is a cell phone picture. Hence, the fuzziness and my white hair.)

At the moment, I am indeed (again) wearing this particular white sweater, but a multicolored horizontally-striped scarf that belongs to my daughter, who won't miss it because she did not wear it to school. (I hope she wore a hat and gloves, because it is darn cold out there, so cold I missed exercise class today, because I did not want to stand out there scraping my car without a scarf.)

I am hoping I left my scarf at my mother's house. Those cards were wonderful, people! Hilarious, sweet. One was a towering birthday cake that played "Celebrate!" scaring me silly. Beautiful home made, handmade, art cards.  Funny and gorgeous store bought cards. And, of course, the cards that come in the mail, free, from organizations wanting a donation. (I sent one of those. So did my husband. We have to get them out of the house.) Sometimes I send a donation. Somebody sent my mom five bucks!

Anyway, let me know if you see my scarf!

Or should I say, "Keep an eye out for my scarf!"


Peg Kirk said...

Just read your blog and made a cursory tour of the downstairs area--no scarf. Do you think the insurance agent may have snatched it away right after she got my signature? I know that's your favorite scarf. I hope it shows up.

Kathleen said...

It will probably turn up in some strange place in my house. I will keep my eyeball out.

Anonymous said...

Hope you find it!

Kathleen said...

I encountered my scarf in an art gallery! Along with my mom and dad. My mom had found it in her laundry room. So I came home with TWO scarves wrapped around my neck.

Cathy said...

I am convinced I will find your scarf tomorrow, either at the grocery store or on the bus. If I do, I'll mail it to you. Even if you've already found it, you can always find it again. You can't have too many scarves.

Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

Psst! Don't be embarrassed but I see the scarf around your neck and over your shoulders, Kathleen.