Saturday, December 14, 2013

Instead of Zumba

Instead of zumba this morning, I shoveled the driveway. Needed to clear it so hubby could get off to volleyball practice and kids could get out for their planned Christmas shopping trip. Both kids are home--son for the weekend, daughter for winter break + boyfriend--and I got a good workout.

Last week, instead of zumba...I forgot. The week before that, I was in Missouri for Thanksgiving. I am failing at zumba. I think next Saturday is my last class. I hope I make it.

These wonderful celebrity-inserted-into-famous-painting images are thanks to 22 Words, Worth 1000, and my old theatre pal Julia, via Facebook. They are fun, funny, and sometimes a wee bit frightening. They also reveal some problems with proportions. Isn't Steve Carrell's head too big?

It's Slattern Day in the blog, and I've also failed at that, I guess, by neatening up the driveway. Shoveling snow is a lot like zumba but without the music. The world was white and silent when I was out, very early. I felt like Scarlett Johannson with more clothes on. It's the flowy white resemblance of the snow I'm talking about here. I somehow entered the landscape. (Once again, I am yearning for red hair.) My husband was out a bit, too, but that was to throw an old volleyball at the snow-laden mugo pine to knock snow off a branch that was so laden it had leaned into the power line to the house.

He did it! Without getting electrocuted or knocking out the power! You see I am focused on the positive today. Even the silly. It's a way to keep joy in the heart when bad things happen. So is Love Actually, which I have seen this holiday season and would be happy to see again, as needed. Yet to see: It's a Wonderful Life. And now I'm also in the mood for Space Jam.

Speaking of Love Actually, here is Rowan Atkinson as Jean-Paul Marat being assassinated in a painting by Jacques-Louis David, via Worth 1000. I have a dark, dark sense of humor that gets me through a lot. Now I'll go write a few Christmas cards, but not in the bath. Even though he does look strangely cheerful.


seana graham said...

Love those pictures.

I don't think you can actually fail Zumba. You just start again when you can.

It's funny, but I just decided to watch Love Actually for the first time since I saw it in the theatre. It was because I read an interesting piece on it at Mother Jones. It was from a lover of Love Actually, describing what it is and is not. I enjoyed it and forgotten many of the substories. One thing that stood out for me is how incredibly well orchestrated it is.

The article is here:

Anyway, it was a perfect holiday movie for me this year, as I am tired of a lot of the other standards this time aroun. Holiday movie, crossed off the to do list.

Collagemama said...

Next time someone asks if I zumba, I'll say, "No, I blog."

Kathleen said...

Thanks, you two. I love the lobster. And the octopus.

Kristin said...

I, too, have failed at Zumba--I just don't live in my body the way that Zumba folks do.

Kathleen said...

Sigh... The exercise I love best is swimming. And walking.