Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Songs with Stars in Them

Oh, there are so many songs with stars in them, among them, “So Many Stars.” They are on my mind, and in my ears, playing on in the otherwise silence, partly because yesterday I was listening to The Weepies sing “Hideaway,” where “even the stars hide away.” So I thought I would offer a little list! Song title, singer/band, maybe the line with stars in it that plays in my head, and a YouTube link for it so you can listen for yourselves!

“Les Etoiles,” sung by Melody Gardot on My One and Only Thrill and, on the same album, in English, “If the Stars Were Mine” ending with a child’s voice calling, “Mom, Mom!”

“If the stars were mine, I’d give them all to you…I’d put the stars right in a jar and give them all to you.”

“So Many Stars,” sung by Jane Monheit on Surrender

“How can I tell? How will I know? Out of oh so many stars... so many stars... / The wind... is filled with songs so many songs / Which one is mine?”

“Let’s Never Stop Falling in Love,” sung by China Forbes with Pink Martini on the album Hang On Little Tomato, Live in Portland, Oregon. The video has a wonderful, eerie, sweet black and white opening before the live performance.

“I know a falling star can’t fall forever / But let’s never stop falling in love”

and from the same album, concert, and singer: “The Gardens of Sampson & Beasley”

“Under Orion’s starry sky / I lie in the moonlit garden…”

“ThankYou, Stars” sung by Katie Melua on Piece by Piece

“And when you’re out there on your own, / It’s the way back home….You are the reason we found ours, / So thank you, stars.”

“Hideaway,” sung by The Weepies on Hideaway

“Even the stars sometimes fade to gray / Even the stars hide away”

Happy listening!

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