Sunday, September 18, 2011

Animal Prints Day

It was Animal Prints Day at the Paul Mitchell School when we went to get my daughter's haircut & style for the Homecoming Dance. I saw plenty of zebra, leopard, and cheetah prints, and numerous tattoos, which must be human animal prints.

This zebra portrait is by Muhammad Mahdi Karim, with full credits here and a chance to nominate this picture for special consideration at Wikimedia Commons! (Don't re-use it without crediting the photographer!)

I also saw plenty of incredible boots, mostly softy-looking ankle high boots, and this leopard walking (by Profberger, also thanks to shared images at Wikipedia) shows the feel of these boots and why people must want to wear them--to feel like a wild feline!

And in full Random Coinciday mode, the receptionist (with whom I scheduled the appointment and the one who greeted us at the front desk) is one of my neighbors and she used to live in our house; we bought it from her, and they moved down the street!

On top of that, my current next-door neighbor is just now starting to take classes at the Paul Mitchell School. Wild, huh?

Cheetah by James Temple. Thanks again, Wikipedia/Wikimedia Commons!

And thanks again to the Friday night TP-ers! I got most of it down, and the rain will bring down the rest, and/or the squirrels might already have tucked some softy-white toilet paper into their winter nests.


Julie Kistler said...

So, wait... They're selling clothes and boots at the Paul Mitchell School? Is that where the Jewel on College Avenue was a long time ago? Or has it moved from there?

I have so many questions! But no animal prints in my wardrobe that I'm aware of.

Collagemama said...

Thank you for the soft cheetah feet. You know those athletic shoes with toes that look like poached gorilla feet? From and evil game poacher, not like eggs? Yesterday I watched a guy wearing those and balancing and doing push-ups on the top rail of a fence above a significant drop-off. Gave me acrophobia just walking past, plus Dian Fossey flashbacks.

Kathleen said...

No, Julie, all the employees were wearing animals prints. And, yes, Julie, it's in the old Jewel spot, on the Towanda end. Fun place.

Kathleen said...

Maybe I have not seen those shoes, Collagemama. I have seen the toe things that are like bare feet but better....