Friday, September 16, 2011

The Mother of All Poems

Oh, wouldn't I like to write that? Today, I point you to the Featured Poets Page of Adanna Journal, where the theme is motherhood.  Many poems, variety of topics and stances! Wonderful range of wonderful poets.

I do have a poem there, "Solipsism and a Schoolbus," that shows I am seldom sentimental about motherly things, often edgy and cranky, but, I hope, levelheaded with a sense of humor, too.

Yes, I'd have to admit that one of the things about motherhood is there's another parent. If we're lucky s/he's a good guy/gal! And there. Most of the time. And listening. At least some of the time.

Another great place for motherhood poems is Literary Mama: Reading for the Maternally Inclined, and I probably directed you to my poem there, "After the Playground," when it appeared in August. It has acquired some comments since, one added today by me, incorporating a typo, I see, after I came back to re-do, having failed originally to type in the "code words" that allow me to post by proving I am not spam.

Sigh...evidently, I was spam.

I tried not to be too cranky in responding to a comment by "Chris," who did not leave his/her last name. Is that my sister Chris? I don't think so, as I think the tone of the comment is accusing me of some dishonesty and calling me "clueless," but maybe I am too sensitive to slight.

**pause to clarify: 1) I am too sensitive to slight 2) but I have a sense of humor and get over myself almost immediately now, after many years of practice, and just laugh 3) especially if I can vent a little in my personal blog, where I reveal everything: weakness, strength, flaws, typos, outright mistakes, human frailty, silliness, and sometimes a flash of thigh**

It was time to get a little cranky, too, as Cranky Doodle Day has been sorely under-served in this blog.

Anyhoo, I hope you will go read some motherhood poems at Adanna and Literary Mama.

And note that Adanna has a call for submissions for the Featured Poets Page up now for poems on the theme of "body image."


SarahJane said...

I thought I left a message yesterday. It did not compute!
Anyway, I just wanted to say that the person who commented on your poem about your son appears to have some issues of his/her own. I found it a presumptuous comment. In your place I wouldn't have answered, I would have just stewed. But one feels called to answer, I know...

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the reassurance, Sarah. Possibly I should have just stewed or stayed silent! Since then, my own mother has 1) also reassured me and 2) herself commented there!

Maybe I should have my son take a look at it. A multi-generational WTF.