Sunday, December 18, 2011

Everybody's Home!

The nuclear family is home!

Let the sibling rivalry begin!

Yes, the brotherly-sisterly antagonism has begun, all in love and good fun.

So far.

And, in honor of that, I have declared it, finally, a Cranky Doodle Day in the blog.

Cranky Doodle Day, you may recall, is a day for me to get cranky about something (not happening much lately, since I am suffused with joy) and/or do something in the "Crafty Doodle Day" mode of my friend Lorel. Since I am known to stick my fingers together with glue (inadvertently), cranking and crafting do stick together in my house!

So today I am lunching with a poet friend and later dropping in on an open house, where we will all be visiting a bathroom recently rehabbed by my husband (of 22 years). Have I mentioned that my husband is credited with keeping a certain marriage together by completing their kitchen rehab?! I do not speak of my own marriage in this instance. Our kitchen still needs rehab....

So, to the point: crafty doodle home made holiday gifts! Yes, it's the Rolo turtles in white margarine tubs decorated on top with recycled Christmas cards trimmed with craft scissors (Seagull edge). I knew saving all those margarine tubs and Christmas cards would come in handy someday!

And if you love Christmas music and lush voices, here's a CD for you: Sibling Revelry, by Ann Hampton Calloway and Liz Calloway. I gave it to my sister one year for Christmas, as I recall, so it is the Voice(s) of Christmas Present Past.


seana graham said...

Sibling Revelry, eh?

Visiting a bathroom that saved a marriage seems like a perfectly appropriate holiday thing to do.

My v word is 'revul' which pretty perfectly combines revel and revulsion, the sibling thing all over.

Kathleen said...

Isn't that a great title for an album, Seana?

I do love the word inventions we get by proving we are not spam.

ted tingley said...

I hope none of the reverly results in someone tumbling down the basement steps in a cardboard box.

Kathleen said...

Your house sounds like so much fun, Ted!

Collagemama said...

I hope no one El Kabong's their sibling over the head with a toy guitar.

Kathleen said...

Me, too. Also that nobody strangles anybody with a Slinky.