Friday, December 30, 2011

Lemon, Bowl, Walnuts, Leaves, Bees

Oh, thank you, Jonathan Koch, for this painting titled Lemon, Bowl, Walnuts, Leaves, Bees. It fits my blog perfectly on this "limbo" day "between the years," as poet Sarah J. Sloat explains/describes it in her blog, with the Germans even giving this between name to it. I have lost track of the dates, if not the days, and of the time of day. This morning the blue-gray sky seemed surely twilight, and I can't believe now it's only noonish (and in a blurry time, when I actually post this, post numerous interruptions....)

Anyhoo, it's a comfort to me to see things labeled clearly as what they are. Similarly, I love this list of books forthcoming in 2012 at the blog of poet Karen J. Weyant. Wait! Do all the poets I know have middle names that start with "J"?!

And happy birthday to The Bloggess!

As for me, I'm calling this Friday a Blue Monday in the blog. Because it's not.


DPLblog said...

Yes, there is something freeing about a well titled artwork, simply worded. Who sees the title in a piece of art anyway. Think about all those old Dutch guys saying things like:

Jan: I just don't think it's going anywhere.
Deirk: Which one Jan?
Jan: You know, the one with the fly and the skull and the oysters and the crystal candle holder?
Deirk: That'd make a good title, Jan.

Kathleen said...

OMG, DPL, you are hilarious!

Maureen said...

The bees in the title makes me smile. A few weeks ago, poet John Siddique noted that bees were "in" this year, and he was right. They appeared in so many poems and other kinds of writing. Weird!

Congrats on your poem at Blue Fifth Review blog today.

Wishing you the best in the new year. Thank you for so many delightful posts in 2011.

Hannah Stephenson said...

Happy limbo day!! (Let's do the limbo rock...)

My middle name is a J...:)

Kathleen said...

I have seen a lot of bees in poems, that's for sure! Thanks, Maureen. It was just my kind of coincidence to find "Blues" in Blue Five Notebook after I'd declared Friday a Blue Monday.

Hannah, thanks for telling me about the "J"!

Kim said...

I will now change my alter ego's name to Kim J Kimmel.

Kathleen said...

Kim J Kimmel, I have a cool collaborative book for you to read when I get done with it. (I want it back.)