Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thor by Proxy

It's Thor's Day in the blog, but I don't have anything to smash with a hammer. I have not been keeping up with Cranky Doodle Day, either. I am so not cranky. A little blue now and then, but that's my melancholy nature. It allows for deep and quiet joy, too.

So here's a link to an article on rejection--in list format--at Terrible Minds (by Chuck Wendig). 25 Things Writers Should Know About Rejection. It is hilarious and true! (I sent it to my poetry workshop, warning them that it contains bad words, and telling them it applies mainly to fiction writers, but that we can apply it to ourselves. Directly to our wounds, if we want!) I have received my share of rejections and learned a lot from them!

Speaking of Thor, god of thunder, we had actual thunder and lightning here yesterday!

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Hannah Stephenson said...

Oh, I love it, I love good!!

"Harden the F up, Care Bear!" was my favorite, I think.