Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kicking the Ham

It's true: there's leftover turkey and ham in the house (my mother's house) from the holiday feasting, but now there is also leftover birthday cake.

My dear sister turned 50 yesterday, utterly surprised by the sudden arrival in the afternoon of extended family and a college/theatre buddy, not even alerted by the sign at the foot of the drive announcing that "Chris is 50!" as we turned in, arriving home after the annual birthday coffee chat in the Barnes & Noble coffeeshop. We just both laughed at the driveway greeting!

Anyhoo, guests included Kay and Matt, who used to celebrate Christmas by giving each other the gift of a canned ham, the same ham, creatively re-wrapped each year, and once or twice, I seem to recall (?), delivered by mail or FedEx. That prank gift tradition has bitten the dust...ew...but now there's a new poetry/music collaboration beginning here, at Ham Kicker: Collaboration and Transparency in Music, created by Joe Robinson. I interviewed Joe here, at Escape Into Life.

So if you are looking for something cool to do with your poems in the new year, check out Ham Kicker! And if you like this violin, check out more art by Scott Kahn!

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