Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Big Things

Since I've been back (from Columbus, Ohio: Cleopatra, Columbus Dance Theatre at the Lincoln Theatre), I've been taking care of business. Editing, laundry, two new poems, bills, children, and other small and big things.

Today, it's to remind you of the Next Big Thing bloggers I tagged. I'll link you to their posts if they're up!

First, Cynthia Reeser, who tagged me, wrote about Lefenstrausse, a book of short stories she's writing, dark fairy tales about children.

Margaret Bashaar is working with Lauren Eggert-Crowe on a "badass" chapbook of poems called Divine Ladder.

Sarah Carson posts regularly in her Important Things blog, so I'm sure the Next Big Thing will turn up there soon.

Christina Lovin posted about her new book of poems, A Stirring in the Dark, just out from Old Seventy Creek Press.

Susan Slaviero yearns to get her sh#* together at Mythology and Milk, so I'm sure she will!

Sarah J. Sloat wrote about Inksuite, a chapbook that will come out later this year from dancing girl press. I have read some of her wonderful typography poems. Check out the links at her post.

And Donna Vorreyer wrote about A House of Many Windows, her first full-length book of poems, coming out this year from Sundress Publications.

So check out these big things and the big things they link to. It's a pyramid scheme that does no harm.

And thanks to Wikipedia, Creative Commons, and Ego Leonard for the giant Lego Man.

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