Saturday, January 26, 2013

O, Wackiness! O, Wolf Moon!

I've been in one of those tender, teary, wacky states lately. Animal joy, human melancholy.* Oh, of course! It was the full moon coming on. The Wolf Moon, the full January moon.

Hubby saw it rising last night. I saw it rising tonight while we were traveling. He was driving (with one headlight), and it was not safe for him to look back over his left shoulder at that particular angle. But now we're home, and he can gaze (and howl) all he wants.

So can I!

Two wall calendars in our house say the full moon is tomorrow, but I'll be happy (or sobbing) whenever I find it. Now, thanks to this particular NBC science website, I'll be looking forward to the Full Pink Moon in April.

Meanwhile, I finished Winter Journal and am reading The Bay of Noon (not The Bay of a Wolf at the Moon), by Shirley Hazzard. Oh, what wonderful, subtle, full writing here. I loved two other novels by her, The Transit of Venus and The Great Fire, so I am glad to be reading this one, too. It's our next book club book, and I'm starting it so early, I'll be able to read it twice! It's set in Naples (at the moment).

Reading a bunch of poetry books, too. Very moony and loony am I lately.

*Translation: laughing while crying at an episode of 30 Rock. O, that Tina Fey!


Marcoantonio Arellano (Nene) said...

Love Tina Fey. I'm starting to read an occasional novel, here and there. Not my usual choice of genres. I guess I need to expand my horizons beyond the sciences and philosophical. Escape every once in a while.

Have a wonderful melancholy full moon day mi amiga

Kim said...

We saw the full moon on our short drive to Uppity Town Normal to see The Sessions. You should see it (still at the Normal Theater tonight) if you have not yet. It will make you laugh and cry, too.

Kathleen said...

Thanks, dears. I would love to see The Sessions. We'll see.

Anonymous said...

friday, my daughter and her best friend met me after work. both are teachers and both said "there has got to be a full moon coming. the kids were wild today." and i love when you write about the books you are reading-the bay of noon is on my wish list.

Kathleen said...

I've heard many teachers say this! The full moon and changes in the weather/barometric pressure have quite a bit of effect on children. Also on pets & animals, as we have observed. Husband just watched a documentary on the vibrations and orbits of planets, the pull of the stars. I reminded him that, for the ancients, astronomy and astrology were not separate. Whatever the real pull does, it does, no matter the myths, "entertainment" aspects, or dismissals since. What is, is!