Monday, May 5, 2014

Blue Bugleweed

The blue bugleweed is blooming. It is a ground cover in some gardens, grows tall in others, and is invasive in some places. Oh, how I love Wikipedia as a source of info and pictures, here offered by H. Zell. (Thank you, H. Zell!) The blue bugleweed in my garden is "chocolate chip" and comes from a farmer's market a couple summers ago.

It's Blue Monday in the blog, and I send you here for the soundtrack (and blue jello)! I'm not blue, as my daughter is home for the weekend, and till her mid-week final exams, and then for good, as she's transferring back to college in our town! Yesterday we spent some time Spring Cleaning for her summery return! She got a job at The Vidette, as a reporter who takes her own pictures, which is the way journalism is going. Maybe she can teach me how to take my own pictures, on my smart phone that is smarter than me. (For now, thanks again, H. Zell!)

I've been pondering again how I like to get up close and personal with the various wildflowers and perennials in my own back yard. It's a way of life, and I've chosen it.


Collagemama said...

You are unemptying the nest? Love the blue bugleweed photos. I think the plants would have a tough time in Texas.

Kim said...

I hope to post about the bluebells at Parklands tomorrow. Acres and acres of the beauties!

Collagemama said...

Also, I would like to hear Bette Midler sing about the Bluegle Weedle Bluebell Boy of Company B.

Kathleen said...

You made me laugh AND gave me an earworm!