Wednesday, May 21, 2014

In Conversation

Today I am in virtual conversation with some poets by way of short review articles at Prick of the Spindle and in the EIL Blog at Escape Into Life. Virtual conversation is good for an introvert and avid reader. But I like in-person conversation, too! (For a while. And then I need an infusion of silence. Today it was at 3:00 a.m. on the wooden glider in my back yard. In my jammies. Summer!)

At Prick of the Spindle, I review Mountain Redemption, by Nick McRae, in my Poetry Cheerleader column, setting him in a poetry tradition with a few other poets. At Escape Into Life, I "converse" with Trace, by Simone Muench. Both are fascinating poetry chapbooks. Feel free to enter the conversation by commenting here, at EIL, or at Sandy Longhorn's blog, where she's also been reading Trace and wondering about the same problems of attribution for collage poems.

The fabulous "patchwork" art here and at EIL is by Amy E. Mayfield.


Collagemama said...

Love the art! Totally fits with the wacko lancet fish videos that keep popping up on the Weather Channel this week. And yes, virtual conversation is an introvert's dream come true.

Kathleen said...

Oh, Collagemama! Now I want you to start a companion blog called Wacko Lancet Fish!

Pearl said...

always good to know about another poetry review place. thanks.